Artist Interview: “SECONDS” by Rya

Q: I like the vibe of “Seconds.” What are some influences on this song?

RYA: For this single, I was leaning into my more electronic and house influences as the song developed, I wanted to experiment with that classic Kaytranada sound, and create something that was different, but still a vibe.

Q:  What is the inspiration behind it?

RYA: Initially, I created the beat for a beat battle competition, and that gave me the opportunity to push my production skills. Once the beat was made, I really liked the vibe it gave me, and it naturally led to me wanting to write about how I was feeling coming out of lockdown. I was lucky, the single flowed through the process without any resistance

Q: What do you like best about “Seconds”?

RYA: For me personally, this single taught me so much in terms of writing and production, so just hearing some of the small decisions I made lead into the bigger picture of the song is awesome.

Q: Is there a specific feeling that you’re trying to encompass in your

RYA: The vibe I was trying to capture this time was mainly funky and soulful. I primarily wanted it to feel positive, as the song was written to give you that feeling of freedom and letting loose.

Q: What would be a pivotal moment in your music career?

RYA:  For me, the goal has always been to make music full-time, so when I’m able to bring in a consistent income from my music, that would be awesome.

Q: Are you currently working on anything?

RYA: I have a couple collaborations that I’m really excited about at the moment, and I’m also working on my debut EP, which I can’t wait to release!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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