Artist Interview: “Madness of the Gods” by Chione

Q: I love your vocal performance in “Madness of the Gods”! Could you tell us more about your journey with singing?

CHIONE: I studied vocals at Laajasalo Opisto in Helsinki and I’ve been taking singing lessons for a few years now.
My band and I constantly work on our song repertoire. I’m not only a singer, I write the music and the lyrics of all of my songs. I enjoy the writing process.

Q:  What is the message behind “Madness of the Gods”?

CHIONE: “Madness of the Gods” is a song about falling in love. It is not a traditional love song. The song’s title comes from ancient Greece, where that is what they called love or infatuation. I thought it was an interesting expression so I wanted to write a song about it.

Q: What inspired the song?

CHIONE: My first songs talk about heavier themes and are more melancholic so I wanted to write a song that makes you smile. I think falling in love is the happiest state of mind you can be in.
I released my first singles “Light” and “Uninvited” in August 2018.
As the names suggest, the songs balance between light and darkness, life and death. “Light” is about people going through everyday life, trying to survive and not remember how everyone always has the opportunity to improve their own and another person’s life through their actions. Even a small kind gesture can grow to be significant when it unfurls. Just a smile or a greeting can be the highlight of the day for someone.
“Uninvited” talks about life and how limited our time is. Most of my songs awaken people to live in the moment in some way and encourage to be merciful to ourselves and others as everyone’s life is valuable.
“Hey You!” released in February 2020 deals with inner fears and feelings of uncertainty. It’s a song against bullying.
“Highway” is about a breakup and leaving all difficulties behind. I released “Bohemian” last year and I also made a music video for it, you can watch it on Youtube. It was my first time writing a script and directing a music video so it was an unforgettable and a fun experience.
All of my songs are available to listen on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Q: Are you currently working on something?

CHIONE: I am in the studio working on a new song with my producer at the moment. I think it’s going to be something very special, I am very excited about it. I’m planning to make a music video too.

Q: What are some of your influences?

CHIONE:  I listen to all music genres. I don’t have one specific artist or a band that I could say influences me the most. I love finding new indie artists and bands.

Q: What is your goal with music?

CHIONE: My goal is just to make new songs and perform as much as possible. I hope people will find my songs, I made them for all of you to listen.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang




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