“Sentimental Song” by Diego Philips

One of the most universal truths of listening to music is that when a more emotion-based song comes on, we all like to stare out a window like we’re in a music video splattered with hues of gray. It’s one of the commonalities of the human experience, at least that’s what I believe to be true, and what most certainly happened when “Sentimental Song” by Diego Philips started to play. 

“Sentimental Song” gets you caught up in your feels from the press of play as Diego Philps knows all too well how to string together straightforward lyrics and embrace them with a heartfelt musical arrangement. He is a lover of songs that make people emote, and that’s sort of the baseline for how his latest single came to be. “Sentimental Song” is his first release since 2020’s ‘Tides,’ and acts like his sort of reintroduction to songwriting as he stepped away from it for just a bit during the chaos of the pandemic. After a quick break, he realized that composing meaningful music – that was what it was all about. 

With that, “Sentimental Song” came to be and we can only be thankful for that as it’s a sweet folk song that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. It could be the soundtrack to an afternoon with a cup of coffee or set the tone in a pivotal scene in an indie film. The possibilities for this one are endless, but for a simple listen at home, in the car, or with friends, you can check out “Sentimental Song,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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