“Still Friends” by Eva Gertz

One of the worst parts of a breakup is most of the time you lose your best friend. Someone who knows more about you than anybody else is now a stranger. Occasionally, however, the flame isn’t extinguished and you can reconcile as friends. Eva Gertz’s newest single “Still Friends” captures this bittersweet shift in relationships phenomenally. This collaboration with pop-producer Paramind shows off both artists in the best light. There’s sad moments as well as uplifting moments of relief. Despite the complexity of feelings, the song is incredibly catchy and easy to listen to.

Ambient synth pads and bouncy melodic lines supported the delicacy of Gertz’s lyrics. By the time the piano entered the song had already changed mood, gaining energy and feeling more uplifting. The push to the chorus was entrancing. Not only did the vocals sound playful and catchy, but the lyrics were interesting and insightful. 

Diversity in the instrumental kept me engaged and bobbing along nonstop. Each voice, from the piano to the bass adapted to what was happening around them; changing moods and energies on a dime. It allowed “Still Friends” to be relatable regardless of if you’ve personally had the experience or not. 

Transitions were pivotal to the energy Eva Gertz and Paramind creates throughout. They were unexpected, but never jarring. Drastically different but never straying away from that central energy. Both artists sounded great, and their chemistry helped make the song even more impressive. Between the complexity of emotions they captured, and the fun dance groove “Still Friends” is an all-around killer release.

“Still Friends” by Eva Gertz is available on all major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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