“Downtown BA” by Ayrton Jimenez

Photo Credit: Amber G

The beauty of living in modern times is that we are not only free to venture to new places and take in a wide variety of cultures, but we as a people are more vibrant than ever when it comes to heritage. Our family trees have branches going every which way, and because of that – we are living in a world of people that can bring all those vast backgrounds to life in new ways. Much like Ayrton Jimenez has done with his music, and his latest single, “Downtown BA.”

On one hand Ayrton Jimenez is a Bristol-based, Enlgishman who comes through with this folk-meets singer-songwriter vibe but he does it with an unexpected layer due to his Colombian heritage. Combining the musical style he learned from his grandfather with a side of himself that is a world away from Bristol, Ayrton Jimenez has a style that in many ways is not heard every day on the radio. 

You get those warm Latin notes as soon as “Downtown BA” begins and are immediately under its trance as this Buenos Aires-inspired song finds a happy balance between South America and Bristol. Luckily for Ayrton Jimenez, he was able to spend time in Buenos Aires and during that time was fully taken aback by the city. So much so he spun a tale of heartbreak there into a beautiful musical moment. 

Those interested in hearing this wonderful balance of culture can check out Ayrton Jimenez’s “Downtown BA,” now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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