“The Same Old Story” by RynoFish

“The Same Old Story” is the newest release by punk rock band RynoFish. Defined by powerful lyrics and unforgettable grooves, the song kicks ass. Stepwise guitar melodies sound phenomenal over the busy drums. The way it all ties together is catchy and fun to listen to. Despite backing vocals only being used sparingly, I loved the harmonies they provided. Driven along by the splashy drums and rhythm guitars, the energy never really settles. Instead, the song pushes through verses towards chorus’ and through those chorus’ towards the bridge and breakdown.

The guitar solo matched the energy and fit right into the texture. After providing recognizable riffs in the background, it was nice to hear them have fun and let loose. Not only did was the solo exciting and cool, but it matched the nostalgia of the whole song. Everything feels reminiscent of the pop-punk scene in the 2000s. Maybe I say that because it feels like an All American Rejects song. 

One part in particular that stood out to me was how often the spotlight was handed from one voice to the next. Sometimes the vocals took charge and were the focal point, but at others, it was a neat drum groove or guitar riff. Not only did it show off the bands talent, but it also broke the song up – keeping the listener engaged through the entirety. RynoFish put on a phenomenal performance, giving the song the life and energy that made it as enjoyable as it was.

“The Same Old Story” by RynoFish is available on all major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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