“Don’t Ya” by Sweet Jayne

There are a lot of moments from the hit NBC series, ‘The Office,’ that are talked about on repeat, but it seems like no one ever mentions the beautiful musical moments towards the end with Dwight Shrute and his band of misfits on the front porch. I was reminded of those folk-filled times when I pressed play on “Don’t Ya” by Sweet Jayne, and my reaction could only be a smile. 

I was delighted to dive into a song that embraced folk but also sewed in Irish hues. Which was not at all a surprise given Sweet Jayne calls Dublin home. She captured elements of new and traditional and placed them as the foundation of her lyrics. Words riddled with honesty from start to finish. In many ways they were poetic as the message of “Don’t Ya” came through, not all at once, but after a few listens. 

Sweet Jayne pulls from a myriad of genres, from blues to alternative rock. The latter came through in the raw energy of her voice during the verses, but sort of serene and more indie and airy when the choruses hit. All in all, she presents a unique musical experience for fans looking to step outside the box when it comes to their next listen. This is her second single of the year, with “Don’t Ya” following her debut, “Looking Glass.” 

Those looking to expand their music library with something entirely new can check out “Don’t Ya,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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