‘Elevation of Luv’ by Maya Luv

Listening to a record front to back, I want every song to feel related but as if they are cousins and not identical twins or even close siblings. Cousins, in that you can tell they came from similar roots but grew up in different homes. That is what I got with ‘Elevation of Luv’ from Mya Luv. Her debut EP comes with several songs that each come from the same foundation, but are built to resemble and highlight a different facet of what Mya Luv is all about. 

‘Elevation of Luv’ kicks off with “Patterns” and sets the bar pretty high with its neo-soul meets funktacular vibes. The music is right, the message is right, and we could hear this being on many playlists for a Girl’s Night Out because who doesn’t want to sing about not being a sucker for love and falling prey to the mind games? That girl power, anthemic feel can also be heard later on with “Queen.” Speaking of anthemic, “Loves Me Loves Me Not” is just that.

Another song that deals with relationships and sort of learning from them, “Loves Me Loves Me Not” is one of those songs that grabs in an instant. That first line has the power to immediately hook audiences the same way Mya Luv’s second single from the record, “Tired Of It” does because both are total, as the kids say, moods. “Tired Of It” can be interpreted a million and one ways, but universally it can be seen as one of the top tier songs to sing when lamenting about the realities of the world as of late. Speaking of, the record caps off with “Hope Is The True North,” a reminder to keep our heads held high during trying times. 

As one can tell, ‘Elevation of Luv’ delivers an array of songs that sprouted from the same family tree, but that offer their own unique musical perspectives. Funky vibes, great messages, and in regards to her debut single, “Fairytales And Lies” as well as “Honest,” notable vocal moments. These showcase the range and theatrics Mya Luv is capable of when stepping to the mic well. 

‘Elevation of Luv’ has an array of songs that share similar roots, but each stands tall on their own. However, they are amazing together, and available now on all major streaming and music platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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