“The House On Stanley” by Magdalia

It has been a long time since the first line of a song has had me instantaneously hooked, but that’s just what happened when I pressed play on “The House On Stanley” from Magdalia. It’s hard to deny wanting to hear how the tale of seeing someone pass unfolds, especially when delivered in such a powerful, yet wistful way that made me, again, want to stay and hear what came next. 

And what followed did not disappoint as “The House On Stanley” brings together the vast array of emotions that make their presence known after losing a loved one. Magdalia doesn’t shy away from the reality of the situation, and beautifully recounts memories in ways that are unique to the one she lost as we don’t often hear someone being compared to the sweetness of an eclair. The story and the arrangement wonderfully coincide, but it’s Magdalia’s vocal stance that made me want to hit repeat and dig deeper into her catalog. 

The digging didn’t last too long though as this Melbourne-based singer-songwriter is just getting started. “The House On Stanley” is her second single, following her debut earlier this year – “Shy To Shine.” With that, I hit that “follow” button quick just to stay in the know on when Magdalia drops more music because if this is how she’s starting – I cannot wait to see how she evolves with each new release. 

Those interested in a song that covers loss and love can check out “The House On Stanley” from Magdalia on all major music and streaming platforms now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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