Artist Interview: “Sicc” by Stef

Q:  You recently signed with ‘Park the Van’, an LA based management group and label. What has this experience been like so far for you?

STEF: They have been great! I am excited to see what the future holds because we are working on a lot of stuff right now- more in the sync publishing side!

Q:  How has growing up in Alabama influenced your music and who you are today?

STEF: I think growing up in Alabama – more specifically the South has its pros and cons. There is a lot less culture and musical influence around so I feel like I was set back slightly in that way (a con) but I also think growing up with the freedom I had shaped me into the person I am today (pro). I grew up around country music which has influenced my songwriting. I think a play on words and hook is super important and some of the country songwriting values I still try to hold true in my pop writing today. 

Q: You started out as a country artist and decided to primarily switch to pop. What influenced you to make that decision?

STEF: I never wanted to be a country artist-I was just 18 and moved to a city where I only knew people in the country industry. I knew nothing about pop and did not even know where to begin so I was very apprehensive; but I knew that is what I wanted to do. Eventually I met some people in the pop world and was able to slowly dip my feet in! It was interesting to say the least. 

Q: You’re not only a fantastic vocalist, but you write your own songs as well. What is your songwriting process like?

STEF: Thank you! It just depends on the day and the vibe. Sometimes I want to write about other people, sometimes I wanna write a not deep song, sometimes I am going through something and need to write about it! It depends on what is influencing me at the time as well. It is always changing!

Q: Music isn’t your only passion. You also have a sense for fashion and started your own clothing store, ‘STEF!’. What inspired you to also get into the fashion industry?

STEF: I have always been into fashion! I would say I was into fashion before I was into at least writing and making my own music. Fashion is a part of me and now is also a huge part of my brand. I think it adds to my story and “persona” if you will. It is also just another way to capitalize off what being an artist is truly about.

Q:  If you could give advice to your younger-self, what would you tell them?

STEF: Something I would say to my younger self would be- you are going to grow and change and that is ok and normal!

Interviewed by Kaitlyn Westerman





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