“Waiting For An Answer” by Sun Affair

What is exciting about music is how artists form a new project or collaboration to create a never-before-heard fusions and styles. Australian composer Wesley Stormer used his keyboard and songwriting skills to create Sun Affair, and with the help from country singer Blake Dantier Sun Affair, released the song “Waiting For An Answer.”

Stormer is a musical genius, as the flow of the instrumentation remains smooth throughout the whole tune. The noises from the keyboards, drums and horn section gives this piece a taste of vibrant classy music that can hit the souls of those who are listening. Additionally, the the guitar solo in the middle of the song introduces a style of light rock into the equation. Stormer is a talented composer, which is demonstrated by the way each instrument showcases a solid musical style.

Dantier uses his smooth voice to tell a story of hoping to hear back from a loved one. His vocals are heartfelt and soulful, with a tinge of grit on top of his perfectly-pitched notes and tasteful vibrato. Gorgeous harmonies and tight rhythms tie the whole pieces together. The modulating chords and vibrant horns paint a vibrant and electrifying feel. The emotions of sadness and desperateness can be felt while Dantier passionately wails out the lyrics. Dantier’s vocals swoon out openly, and he is not afraid to show vulnerably and passion in his inflections. The vocal performance is absolutely beautiful.

Sun Affair do know how to create magic and it will be lovely to hear more music from them.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Natasha Dinjar

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