Singer-Songwriter Qastalani brings the funk and flavor this fall with his newest single “Sex Eyes”. Soothing vocal melodies, appealing production and a well-arranged, easy to listen is what awaits you in his newest sound. Qastalani has been featured on a number of streaming music playlists ranging from Rising form Singapore (Apple Music) to New Music Friday Malaysia. Along with racking up these playlists and listeners, Qastalani has been a non-stop music making machine. He released 19 singles in just shy of 10 months, Qastalani is proving he is ready to claim his spot in the music industry.

“Sex Eyes” tells the story of a young bachelor’s night out who finds himself unexpectedly dreaming around a girl he knows through mutual friends. With changing perspectives and a deep personal issues, sonically is a pleasing track that is more than just what the ear can hear. With sensual vocals and interesting funk melodies, we feel as though the vocals are a smooth saxophone being played along with a catchy R&B track.


As a true songwriter at heart, Qastalani describes his music as dark, mellow R&B, and occasionally Pop and Party tracks. At 28 years old, Qastalani thought of himself late to the game to release music. Yet even with his ‘late’ introduction he has still been able to prove his music and his spot on this stage. Staying true to his image, Qastalani writes songs that are true to him. He feels the best feeling is when people listen to his music and relate in words that maybe others haven’t used before.


Make sure to check out Qastalani’s single “Sex Eyes” on all streaming platforms now!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich



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