“El Poder Del Cant” by Periscopi Invertit

Music is a universal phenomenon that has allowed bands and artists around the world to create songs that surpass the barriers of language. “El Poder Del Cant” by Periscopi Invertit is a piece of inspiring music that combines jazzy folk melodies and North African rhythms. The musical style is incredibly catchy because of the rhythmic instrumentation and gorgeous vocal performance.

As a whole, the electrifying jazz vibe can be felt underneath the fun keyboards, soothing guitars, exciting percussion, and refreshing woodwinds. The piano leads the way with a samba-type feel. At one point there is an instrumental break where a soaring flute sweeps away the piece with intricate melodies and beautiful melismas. It seems there is a switch-off of solos, from a classic guitar solo, to bass solo and piano solo.

Certainly North African influences can be heard in the background while being intertwined with classy folk sounds. When both cultures fuse into each other the music sounds vibrant and alive, and it has the natural effect of leading listeners to get up and start dancing to the upbeat tune.

Right off-the-bat, a classy female voice emerges from the background with great authority. The soothing vocals tie this piece together by passionately serenading the lyrics out in bittersweet fashion. The enchanting vocals tastefully intertwine with the exciting instrumentation, combining together in to the perfect recipe refreshing dance music.

“El Poder Del Cant” is a piece which has incredible cultural music and an addicting jazzy feel. We can’t wait to hear more music from Periscopi Invertit.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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