‘Lonely People by Chaosbay

Sometimes it’s hard to find music with lyricism that’s truly captivating, but Chaosbay has done just that in their latest track ‘Lonely People’. There’s such a poetic aire to it, as it uses lyricism that has a sort of double meaning. This causes the listener to look back and go back through it, trying to figure out what they personally think about it. Doing this opens up the listener to a lot more, which in the case of ‘Lonely People’ really drives in its emotional hit. It fits with their energetic pop-metal sound to create a truly well-crafted track.

‘Lonely People’ by Chaosbay has the perfect high-energy punk sound. The drums do a great job at carrying an energy, having bits where it takes the spotlight building up to a heavier sound.  The guitar keeps up with crazy licks, and the bright solo at the end is phenomenally played. There’s also such a belted power behind the vocals, and the screaming parts are performed with such a power. It’s a perfectly hardcore pop-metal track, and it has the ability to put anyone in a pumped-up mood.

‘Lonely People’ by Chaosbay is so emotionally written, and it’s spattered with futuristic references. It could be read in a variety of ways because there’s something so poetic about it. It has a sort of dual reading. You could read it as a futuristic tale of someone who builds a machine that takes over, or it can be read as a self-analysis of a crumbling emotional state. “I am afraid / where have I gone / I’ve got this feeling / the machines have won / I can’t just say / what’s right or wrong / I’ll follow my creation / from now on,” the chorus details. This creation could be a dark mental state or delusions that the voice of the song is falling into. Then the track closes out with, “I still hear them say it’s no wonder /that he’s gonna collapse / when reality isn’t enough.” This keys into the second emotional meaning. Reality isn’t enough, possibly causing the voice to delve into this darker state, attempting to escape the reality around them.

Berlin and Kaiserlauten-based alternative-metal band Chaosbay consists of Jan Listing (Vocalist/Guitarist),  Alexander Langner (Guitarist), Matthias Heising (Bassist), and Patrick Bernath (Drummer). They currently have two albums under their belt and are known for their high-energy live performances. They’ve found the perfect mix between metal and pop, and ‘Lonely People’ is a perfect portrayal of this. Chaosbay is known for their musical professionalism and creating music and have been compared to Periphery, Opeth, and Dream Theater. They’ve truly broken out to stake a name for themselves in the progressive metal genre.

Written by Sage Plapp

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