“Fallin’ ” by Sammy Listoe

Millions of people around the world have dreams of becoming a successful musician, but not everyone gets as far as making those dreams a reality. Often times, it can take a balance of a working day job alongside pursuing the passion. Sammy Listoe is a new artist who had found the time to create the song “Fallin’ ” during his off-days as a firefighter. The country tune focuses on the exploration of falling in love and letting go.

While listening, Listoe’s vocals are powerful as he passionately belts out the high-strung emotions of falling in love. Throughout the strong performance, Listoe shares his feelings about the hardest part of the journey for him, which has been letting the woman go. These lyrics are truly relatable to so many who have experienced the complications love can bring. Listoe’s vocal performance shares a personal and honest view of how confusing love can get. The opening lyrics “is your soul as beautiful as your face / what kind of trouble am I getting myself into” are particularly compelling as they poetically and quite beautifully introduce the ups and down that are expressed throughout the song.

Other than the vocals, the instrumentation holds the composition together with strumming guitar, tastefully piercing lead guitar, and dynamic drums lacing together to create the country vibe fans want to hear. Additionally, the building instrumentation contributes to the lingering emotions of happiness and confusion Listoe is singing about. As a whole, the music is well-played and country fans could easily find themselves jamming along to this piece.

Listoe is making his dreams come true with “Fallin'”, and surely his dedication can be heard through his powerful performance.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Josh Morin (Album Art Photo and Truck Photos)

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