“Give Me Back My Name” by Tom Tom Park

Creating a song that is fun to listen to is the hardest part of music. You can have a doctorate in music theory and throw out the most complicated of pieces, but if it’s not enjoyable nobody will listen. The opposite is also true, sometimes simplicity is bliss. “Give Me Back My Name” by Tom Tom Park is a perfect balance. By no means is it a simple song; lyrics are interesting, the instrumental is upbeat and fun, even the song structure isn’t traditional. Most importantly, however, it is incredibly fun to listen to. Everything else is just icing on top of this awesome cake.

One thing I loved in particular about “Give Me Back My Name” is the almost dissociative lyrics. They make you think, and stretch your imagination without losing their essence. Although they make you think in weird ways, they always make sense by the end. They’re intriguing and don’t just rehash the popular pop phrases that are trendy at the moment.

As with any Tom Tom Park song, the instrumental is catchy, funky and makes you want to dance. Chopped vocals ring out alongside the hard hitting drum kit. Playful bass lines take the forefront, going to town while the lead vocals dance over top. Everything worked together incredibly well. The modern production suits the disco vibes and breathes new life into an increasingly forgotten genre. 

The delivery of the chorus was awesome. Layering the vocals throughout gives the song a ton of energy. It never loses that energy, even when the texture thins out everything is still exciting. In a genre dedicated to making you dance, Tom Tom Park continues to stand out and do their own thing.

“Give Me Back My Name” is available now on all major streaing services.

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Written by Tyler Roberts





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