Artist Pennan Brae is not a stranger to the music scene because he has released nine albums and streamed the films “Astronot” and “2 Below 0” on Amazon Prime. Brae has been recording his 10th studio album “Planted” which will be released on October 8th. Although it is only September, Brae is already sharing the music because the brand new single “Mona” has already dropped.

The instrumentation is powerful on this track, and the sound of solid guitar and indie rock drums playing bring strong emotions that can be felt through the powerful riffs and beats. Additionally, the piece is cleverly organized because it captures Brae’s ode to Mona in verse one and Rhonda in verse two. The whole piece is extremely catchy, and Brae does a good job with creating a song that has dynamite instrumentation.

Another compelling component of the tune is Brae’s vocal style. The smoothness of Brae’s vocals fills the atmosphere with strong emotions while he sings the lyrics. The rhythmic soft singing at almost a whisper level brings a tantalizing feel. At the end, the song dynamically changes into a breakdown with higher female harmonies serenading the piece into a close. With his voice, Brae tells a story about two women who have rocked his world and the way Brae sings on this piece gives an aspect of what his feelings are toward Mona and Rhonda.

Brae did a stellar job with his performance on “Mona” and it will be exciting to hear the rest of the music on his record “Planted.”

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

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