“I’d Go Blind” by Church, Honey

Sometimes it can take a while for bands or artists to create and record new music. For the band Church, Honey, it has been a year since they released their tunes “Pity Sex” and “Church,” however fans need not worry because the band will be dropping their song “I’d Go Blind” on October 1st. This tune was recorded DYI with parts being played and engineered by the band and with a little help from Snowy on the lead guitar.

Right off-the-bat, a strong male indie vocalist, Ben James Miller, emerges from the background and starts to passionately sing out wholehearted lyrics. The sound of the chorus is powerful, ignited by vocal performances that carry uplifting energy and emotions to the overall composition. The catchy vocal arrangements seem to have the kind of effect that influences people to sing along while listening. Listening deeply to the lyrics, they give a message of keeping moving forward despite hardships, which is something the world certainly needs to hear right now.

The instrumentation brings a mixture of pop and soft rock. The delicate sound of the guitars and drums gives this tune a dose of mind-dazzling music. As a whole, the instrumentation stays on a simple musical tempo that underlies the beautiful musical madness. The joyful noises from the colorful instruments makes this piece more fun to blast loudly from speakers.

Church, Honey are back with the dynamite “I’d Go Blind”, and fans will surely love the song when it is released next month.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Simon Shaw

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