‘A Changing Light’ by The Woods

In recent times it’s become harder and harder to keep that creative spark. The current state of the world is extremely fast paced, and it feels like we never get a chance to slow down. It makes it difficult to pursue your actual creative dreams. That’s why we all need a song like ‘A Changing Light’ by The Woods. The lyrics are beautiful and uplifting. “Your light throws a focus for the world to see / So bright, shows us all what we can hope to be,” they ring out. It’s an uplifting message to the people who decide to keep their creative light shining despite being stuck in a stressful world.

There’s something so folksy about, ‘A Changing Light’ by The Woods. The vocals are smooth and entrancing, and the synths bring in a really nice soul vibe to it. The darker disjointed synths at the beginning bring in a bit of an eerie energy, and clapping is integrated perfectly to bring in the main beat. It works with an eclectic range of sounds to create a truly original and captivating track. It has such a beauty in the smooth flow to the sound, and it creates an entire experience for the listener. It almost has a ritualistic sound, and the clapping and drums really drive into that energy. ‘A Changing Light’ has an extremely eclectic sound and truly breaks the typical popular music of this day and age.

The lyrics of, ‘A changing Light’ sound almost cryptic but also warm and lovely, coupling perfectly with the soulful music. “This one’s dedicated to you. All of you, working so hard to keep the creativity flowing while juggling life. Getting bruised, floored and maybe doubting if there’s any point just now. But it’s you who’s lighting sparks in the world and making a difference with every little step,” Johnny McFazden, the mind behind The Woods, states.  This is the key to the meaning and interpretation of the track. It’s sort of like a love song to all the creatives in the world who keep their spark burning despite the difficulties and burdens of every day life.

Johnny McFazden, musically known as The Woods, is a Scottish vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He creates neo-folk music with heavy influence from the soul genre, who has done some great things with his musical talent. He even made the front cover of The Times after playing a show for London Fashion Week in 2020. It shines through his vocals that he was classically trained, and he’s been compared to both Alt-J and James Blake. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the official release of ‘The Woods’ on October 8, 2021.

Written by Sage Plapp





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