“Lost (Without You)” by Big Boss

Melbourne, Australian artist Big Boss is a walking masterclass in production, mastering and DJ’ing. Every week Big Boss streams at 8PM Monday’s AEST on Twitch with Spotify playlists updated live. Big Boss says that when you listen to his music “expect hard hitting bass house anthems, tech house heaters and face melting bass madness.” Recent release “Lost (Without You) is the perfect example for an in your face banger.

With single “Just Start The Party” hitting 60,000 listens it’s obvious that Big Boss’s newest single “Lost (Without You) will quickly become one of his top songs. He’s returned with another festival banger just in time for the world to welcome back raves and festivals. “Lost (Without You)” is a synth driven bass beast paired with a hypnotizing vocals, made perfectly for the dark bass heavy hitters and extreme house fans.

For a while it may have felt like EDM took a break, having face melting parties by yourself in your apartment was starting to get tiring, it felt like music melted together. “Lost (Without You)” is the song to play that will get you straight out of that funk that the lockdown has put you in. Big Boss does a spectacular job at knowing his audience and giving them exactly what they want.

With recent release “Lost (Without You)” now being on Spotify, it will quickly be added to any and every dance playlist you have. With the path he is on, it seems that Big Boss is soon be a top DJ that everyone knows and loves. It doesn’t matter if you’re shuffling or headbanging, “Lost (Without You)” will get you on the dance floor.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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