‘Hate’ by Burn Like Stars

Sadly toxic relationships are an occurrence that are more common than they should be, even if neither person is a bad person at the core. Sometimes that is the case, but it can build up from differences and unwillingness to compromise. This can build into constant bickering and fighting, trapping both parties in a dark mindset. This has the tendency to escalate these things. This escalation leads to the climax of this, which is exactly what Burn Like Stars’ latest track ‘Hate’ is all about.  It’s about the culmination of all those emotions, letting them out in an intense fight that could be the finalization of the relationship. The break-up.

‘Hate’ by Burn Like Stars goes so hard. There’s so much emotion charged into every aspect of the musicality. From the opening guitar line with its dark heartwrenching textures, to the emotional belting and screaming, to the brighter guitar overtones, and to the dynamic and immersive drums. The immaculate production allows every single instrument opportunity to shine through. It’s such a well-crafted high energy hardcore-punk track, and it’s extremely catchy. It begs the listener to start headbanging on the spot, and it intertwines itself well with the deep and relatable lyricism.

There’s such a bite to the lyrics in ‘Hate.’ The creator of Burn Like Stars, Lloyd Ratalsky, says that it’s about being in a toxic relationship that needs to be left. The music video portrays this through the two main characters, who are verbally screaming the lyrics at each other over a table in the majority of the video. “I hate that you turned this / Into something we can not mend / I hate that you screwed this up past the point of no return,” the lyrics hit. It has such a dark twang to it, exploring love tainted into hatred. It also explores the self-hatred that comes from having been trapped in such a relationship

Burn Like Stars is a solo project created by vocalist Lloyd Ratalasky. His musicianship came to fruition in the metalcore genre, but he’s proved through Burn Like Stars that he can seamlessly break out of that. If you listen to ‘Hate’ right after his debut single ‘Hey You,’ you’ll notice a stark difference. Lloyd’s solo project mainly deals with uplifting others through both the good and bad in life. He wants people from every walk of life to be able to gain something positive from the lyricism, so he doesn’t stick to one genre. The music video for ‘Hate’ was just released on August 29th and is available now.

Written by Sage Plapp




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