“Magnolia Tree” by Katherine Nagy

“Magnolia Tree”, Katherine Nagy’s most recent release, is as fun to listen to as it is easygoing and cool. Vocals were as sweet as honey and lyrics were just as nice Although the texture is thin, sometimes only claps, she pushed the song along and established the energy that would be expanded upon throughout.

I simply loved how catchy the recurring vocal riff was. Not only did it kick the song off phenomenally, the way the rhythm section expanded the idea added to and enhanced it. The jazz rhythm section suited the song, and through the solo section commanded attention. Whenever not in the spotlight, their parts were minimalistic yet exciting. It allowed Nagy’s sweet voice to dance at the forefront, never losing the excitement.

Everything from the individual voices down to the details was hashed out and sounded comfortable for the band. It gave them an incredibly mature, relaxed sound. Because of this, “Magnolia Tree” felt almost conversational at points. Almost like a story that the group was trying to tell collectively. Even if it was just a quick note or two, each entrance suited what was happening around it and painted the melody in the best light.

Listening to “Magnolia Tree” without a smile on your face is impossible. Cool harmonies danced alongside the lead melody as the playful instrumental pushed along. Nostalgia-tinted lyrics were relatable (regardless of your experience with magnolia trees) and poetic. In fact, the whole listening experience was delightful. 


“Magnolia Tree” can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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