If you were looking for a sign that everything will be okay, Yargii’s newest single “Just Wait” is it. Memories of driving by the beach on a cool summer night with your best friends and no worries, “Just Wait” makes you forget the problems of this world. Unearthly reverberating guitars bring alternative vibes like no other song this fall.


Yargii, made an interesting entrance to the music scene after a hospital visit in late 2020. His motivation to get sober and be better in his life is what helps him get his music out to the world. Not constrained by any boundaries, Yargii doesn’t know what his next track is going to sound like and sonically where to go. Just having fun with his music at any moment he could release a pop track, alternative or anything in between.

Although Yargii may not know sonically where to go with his music, his lyrics want to display peace and comfort. Although lighthearted in nature, “Just Wait” provides his followers a nice break from the dog-eat-dog mentality. He tells his followers:

/Just wait give me some time, everything is fine, you’ll be alright/

which reminds me as a fan, to not take life so seriously and just enjoy the life that is going on around you. No matter what you have been through, taking time to appreciate the little things and what makes you happy is what life is all about.


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Written by Stephanie Pankewich





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