“Busybodies” by Ken Sato Experience ft Pikoy

The band members of Ken Sato Experience are good friends that come from Tokyo, Japan. Currently the permanent members include, fretless bassist Ryoji Orihara, drummer Yasushi Fukumori, Kent Kandatsu plays keyboards, chorus and arrangement, and last but not least you have Masataka Nishikata playing cello and trumpet and guest singer Pikoy The Ken Sato Experience’s pulls their inspiration mostly from 70’s funk music and they are constantly exploring new arrangements based on a classic funk style.

Recent release “Busybodies” from Ken Sato Experience is a collaboration song between members in Japan and members in the Philippines. The band is playing at Tokyo while, the vocals from Pikoy is from them singing at Mania in the Philippines. The members had never met singer Pikoy before, but they all got to know each other online.

“Busybodies” instantly gets you hooked with anthemic like intro and teases of the trumpet that shows off the funky notes. The Ken Sato Experience knows what their audience wants and knows how to give it to them, with thousands of listens it’s clear

“Busybodies” is what the people want. The funky pop groove is sure to get your booty shaking as you get ready for your night. Halfway through “Busybodies” Masataka Nishikata solos on the trumpet and it really pulls the song together.

Although Ken Sato Experience does not have a permanent singer, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to release a multitude of singles and an album. When Ken Sato Experience and Pikoy make music together, it is clear that it is magical. With 2021 coming to and end, you many options from Ken Sato Experience that’ll get you into that funky mood.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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