“Round N Round ” by Vana Liya Featuring Pepper

Pop, Reggae, and Dance Hall artist, Vana Liya, released a new original single, “Round N’ Round,” featuring the well-known American reggae star Pepper. “Round N’ Round” is a smooth and lighthearted track about not knowing where life will take you. The relaxed, beautiful melody of the song is accented with Vana Liya’s angelic and comforting voice. 

Vana Liya describes the concept of time and living in the moment. In the song, there is a sense of connection to nature. “Round N Round”  makes the listener feel as though the Earth and stars are watching over them. The song encourages people to keep going even though they may worry about what life and the future. The music is grounding by nature and bestows positivity throughout the body. It encourages the listener to go with the flow of life and enjoy it’s purpose. 

“Time moves so fast, feels so slow

Nothing like that feeling.”

Liya also explains the inspiration of the song and its connection to her life: 

“I remember being at this house party somewhere in the Virgin Islands, people were all around me, but I was still feeling so homesick that I suddenly walked outside and just started crying. But in that moment, I looked up at the sky, and I saw the constellation, Orion. Growing up, it was always my favorite because every time I would pull into my driveway in my house in New York, I could see it. Gazing up through my tears to see Orion suddenly just made me feel like I was at home. It was this really empowering moment of peace and becoming settled in the unsettled. I’m really lonely but I’m doing what I love to be doing, and everything is eternally ok.” 

“Round N Round” is about embracing the unknown and moving forward. The song eludes that there is no room for doubt in life, especially for someone who explores the world and is constantly a nomad. No one is ever truly alone; the Earth and stars are here to guide and protect everyone. The song is a wonderful dedication to trusting that the universe has got our backs. 

Pepper brings gentle masculine energy that pairs perfectly with Vana Liya, making them a great duo. Make sure to add this immediately to your “Island Vibe” Playlist.

Reviewed & Abeni Moreno





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