“Polaroids” by Joel Borton

In a world constantly evolving and looking at the next big thing, everything is constantly adapting. Nonetheless, polaroids survive. They’re one of those things that they just got right. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s how we’ve adapted them. Whatever it is, they continue to bring joy and tiny photos to peoples lives. “Polaroids” by Joel Borton has a similar sort of modern nostalgia. Between the production and vocals, the song was cool and reminiscent of a simpler time.

The rhythmic arpeggiator matches phenomenally with the airy synth pads. Sometimes leaning more into its pop elements, while at others its closer to rock. Borton’s vocals were perfect for the rhythm section. Through every aspect, he led the song and added to the energy going on around him.

Atmospheric guitar throughout the solo was great. It opened the song up into a much more chaotic texture. With all the different noises going on simultaneously it created an almost soundscape-like effect. Drifting between one mood and the next. I thought it was neat hearing the guitar devolve throughout and end up melding into the texture by the end.

Occasionally layered vocals floated through the texture, singing of times lost. The way they’d fade away as easily as they appeared was lovely. Not only that, I loved the way it never lost the nostalgic energy it set in the beginning. This was due in part to the light synths and adaptive instrumental, but mainly Joel Borton’s cool vocals. The way everything came together was relaxing and calm. The easy-going vibe of it all kept me coming back over and over again.

“Polaroids” is available on all major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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