“Sinister” by The Infinity Process

Melodic rock band The Infinity Process was founded in 2014, in Toldeo, Ohio and the members consist of Kimberly Tingley on vocals, guitarist Jason Tingley who also plays bass and does backing vocals and drummer Brent Gfell. The newest single from the trio is “Sinister” and lucky for you, there is a music video that goes along with it.

“Sinister” was inspired and influenced by the lack of quality communication and decline in empathy. The Infinity Process’s vibes tend to have heavier and darker tones while blending it melodically. You can really grasp who The Infinity Process is as a group by listening to “Sinister”.

Once we reach a certain age, people tend to have a similar goal in common, and that is to become their own person. You can be so consumed by wanting freedom, that you don’t realize that something or someone is taking it from you. “Sinister” is about being manipulated, consumed, or controlled by something, and not even being fully aware of it.

When listening to “Sinister”, Kimberly’s vocals plus the powerful lyrics instantly pull you into the song. “Sinister” is the song you need to let out some aggression and tears at the same time. Jason’s backing vocals and the heavy hitting sounds from drummer Brent is what makes the song hit hard and feel very metal.

Seasoned vets such as The Infinity Process knows what there audience wants, with “Sinister” being their latest release, you can only hope they are back in the studio to give you more of what you want.

Sinister takes everything that we have done previously, as far as dynamics and song-writing, and puts it into a blender with some creatine, and turns the volume up to 11. – Jason Tingley

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Snowfox Photography

Music Video Director: Digger Pierce




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