“hellocentral” by hellocentral

Hellocentral has taken the Denver music scene by storm, the group was formed by four life-long friends, and is the product of influences, experiences, and a common passion for music. Since 2018, the band has frequently played shows and built a loyal fan base with their energetic and emotional live performances. In just 3 years, hellocentral has become a prominent figure in the alternative/punk markets in Denver. The group has been independently releasing their music, including recently release self-titled debut album, two EPs and four single. The recent album was mixed by Taylor Hahn and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

The self-titled debut album from hellocentral is a must listen, starting the album with upbeat song “aloha” gets you motivated to listen to the album. The pop punk album is very nostalgic and you almost feel like you’re back in the early 2000s listening to hellocentral on MTV while you get ready for your day. “morningstar” and “never better” are the perfect examples of that feeling, with a combined 22,000 listens already it is obvious that hellocentral is giving their audience what they want. Songs such as “…if you want to” and “skywasfalling” bring a slower and more experimental vibe to the self-titles album. The pure instrumentals of “skywasfalling” is the perfect most relaxing way to finish off the album.

Once you listen to the album, you may have trouble picking a favorite song. Each song has it own unique vibe which makes the decision much harder, the lyrics are very emotional and touch on issues of having love and losing it, and the life long search for purpose. Maybe your favorite will be love song “another summer”, maybe you are tapping into a different side of yourself and “monster” is a favorite, or maybe you like the slower, more emotional songs such as “starry nights & hand grenades”. The self-titled album gives you 37 minutes of pure enjoyment and plenty of time to love each song.

This is the first album release from the group, and with it only being released for less than two weeks, it’s already rising up in the ranks. The pop punk band hellocentral has created an album that is perfect for any punk in any situation, the album is great for the skate park or simply just day to day life. They have done an amazing job at making it feel inclusive, the album has hints of pop punk, alternative, emo and even indie/electronica synths. This album should jump to the top of your “must listen” list. hellocentral has taken over Denver and soon they’ll take over your city too.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Logan Seagull




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