“Outside Looking In” by Avaraj

Singer-songwriter Avaraj recently released her first EP, “Outside Looking In,” a five-track record packed with texture, emotion, and power. Stepping out of her reserved space, Avaraj allows herself to be transparent with her listeners through her music, enabling listeners to connect with the artist.

The first track, “Drift Apart,” is a power ballad with a melodramatic sound from the soothing acoustic guitar and piano. Avaraj’s lyricism is impeccable, and she chooses lyrics that many people can easily relate to in the song. The best lyric from the track would have to be “words fall unto deaf ears.” Many successful songs contain unexpected “surprises” and there’s an unexpected pause in “Drift Apart” where you assume the piece is over but an outstanding guitar riff forms to continue the track. Absolutely breathtaking!

“Lost Hope” is necessarily repetitive because of the weight in the words — it’s tough to find hope in a cold world! Avaraj is very genre-fluid in this piece, so it most definitely keeps you on your toes while listening.

The guitar skills in “Like Tattoos” contributes to the song’s grooviness. You’re drawn to the rhythm and percussion. 

“World So Cold” has a more melodramatic sound, which is why ending the EP with this track was a great idea — has the perfect vibes for a “big finish.” Like mentioned before, Avaraj is genre-fluid, especially in “World So Cold.”

Throughout the EP, there are many transitions form lofi-pop to alternative rock and this track is a mixture of pop and alternative rock. It may just be me, but the instrumental style in the chorus is similar to Matchbox Twenty’s “Busted.” The entire song has a lot of energy and power. “World So Cold (stripped)” is a “calmer” version of the original but still influential.

Avaraj is a versatile artist many of us should be watching out for. She obviously has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to say it — an artist that we all need. We look forward to hearing more of her music in the coming future. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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