“Dream Tether” by Infra Violet

UK-based indie-pop duo Infra Violet takes you back to the ‘80s with their 10-track album “Dream Tether.” Through powerful vocals and positive vibes, Infra Violet captivates the listener’s attention and admiration.

“Polaroid” is the first track on the album and consists of an ‘80s sound with a pulsating beat. You definitely start to think of well-known ‘80s pop artists like Blondie. It’s a very energetic and nostalgic song with powerful vocals.

“Grow” also has an ‘80s sound. You tend to gravitate towards the power in the lead vocals. It’s impressive that the song has great dynamics, which is extremely important because you wouldn’t want to sound monotonous. 

The third track is “Gold,” which has a more chill tone to it with a bit more emotion added to it. “Gold” is a very positive song with so much energy and positivity included. 

“Take” is another song on the album that has a more chill tone. The dynamics in the instrumentation and vocals are phenomenal and speechless. It’s impressive how the strong percussion matches the same amount of energy as the vocals. And one cannot ignore the influential lyric, “Why did you take so much?”

“Mess” is track five and many can agree that the most captivating part of the song would have to be the instrumentation. The striking lead guitar effortlessly seizes the attention.

“Radio” is such a hypnotic song due to the haunting backing vocals and this track does not shy away from the ‘80s influence.

Track seven, “Run,” is one of the songs many people will favor because the chorus is the most powerful moment in the piece. You gravitate toward the groovy and bouncing rhythm. The mixture of real instruments with synth is breathtaking, and the solo is outstanding.

“Wanderlust” is a lovely song with superb harmonies and dynamics. The acoustic guitar fingerpicking is astounding, along with the compelling beat. “Deny” has this marvelous synth-pop sound that makes the song the “bop” of the album. The vibe in the chorus is something no one can ignore. 

“Water” is the last song on the album and has more of a swaying rhythm and more melodramatic. There isn’t a better way the duo could’ve closed the album with a sensational beat and outstanding dynamics. 

“Dream Tether” most definitely takes you back to the ‘80s but does include a bit of a modern twist to it. While the album is nostalgic, it’s imperative to appreciate that the duo put their own spin on things. Overall, the album was incredible and, from the sounds of this album, it’s exciting to hear the music the duo has in store for us in the future.

Written by Taylor Berry

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