‘What are You Waiting For?’ by We Are Not Robots

The world can be a tough place. Sometimes, no matter what, it feels like it tries to hold us back. It makes us feel as if we aren’t worth it, which keeps us from wanting to achieve our fullest and get into a comfortable position. And so, ‘What are You Waiting For?’ That’s exactly what the track with this name by We Are Not Robots is asking. It’s a powerful alt-rock bop that deserves to be on repeat for days to come.

‘What are You Waiting For?’ by We Are Not Robots captures the perfect catchy anthemic alt-rock sound. It’s emotionally charged, and the vocals belt out long drawn notes with a distinct power. The drums and bass carry a dynamic beat, allowing for tons of changes in energy. The electric guitar really does a great job at lifting and filling in the parts with a higher energy, and the thrashy solo at the end brings so much power to the rest of the track. This, followed by one last chorus, and a fade-out, make it the perfect end to the song. There’s a climax with the guitar solo at the bridge, and then it fades off so perfectly.

Lyrically, ‘What are You Waiting For?’ captures the idea of needing to move forward. ‘What are you waiting for my dear? / Is this the comfort that you crave?’ the lyrics resound. It seems as if it’s the voice of the song speaking to the listener, or someone specific, urging them to move forward into a place where they’re more comfortable. There’s something poetic about it, allowing the listener to decide what they make of the lyrics through their own personal lens. 

We Are Not Robots is an alternative rock band based in Sydney, Australia. It consists of singer/songwriter/guitarist Pete Konakov, bassist Lee Newton, guitarist Ava Noir, and drummer Amanda Stassy Stanzione. They were formed in 2016 with a basis in previous musicianship. Lead singer Pete was formerly a member of both Capital Colours and Sounds of Coma. Not only are they well known for their studio sound, they’re also known for their energetic live performances and stage presence. We Are Not Robots is a band with a strong musical basis and powerful current musicianship, and they can only go up from here.

Written by Sage Plapp




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