“Bitter Pill” by The Best Around

Austin, TX indie rock band The Best Around is doing an excellent job at living up to their name. The trio consists of songwriter and vocalist Camron Rushi, Todd Pruner playing guitar, bass guitar, drums and synths and there is Jon Merz contributing with the guitar, horns and keyboards. Although they may sound like they’ve been “the best around” for years, the group recently met during the pandemic 18 months ago.

Camron and Todd have been coworkers at a tech company for the past 10 years, when the pandemic hit both were now working from home. They were in other bands, but they had only played together once before. During the beginning stages of the pandemic, Camron sent Todd some songs he’d been working on and Todd laid down some tracks sent them back for Camron to sing over. Todd was also in another band, The Foundries, with Jon Merz. Todd recruited Jon to play some leads over the recording and the rest is history.

“Bitter Pill” is recent release from the trio, the anxiety inducing song is exactly what you need in a chaotic world. The song was written during Trump’s presidency and if you have never experienced anxiety before, then you were in for a long four years. The Best Around uses “Bitter Pill” as an outlet to reduce the anxiety they experienced.

The upbeat rock song “Bitter Pill” almost feels like you are in an old 80s movie and you are on the run from robbing a bank. The fast paced, unique song will keep you enticed as you watch the guys be weird as possible in the hilarious music video. Be sure to click all the links below so you can keep an ear out for what their next release will be. Take care of your panic attack with a simple diagnosis of a “Bitter Pill”.

“Make it feel like a panic attack, but also a rock song.” – Camron Rushin

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Link Prune

Each member recorded their parts remotely in their own home makeshift studios. The song was mixed by Evan Kaspar at Estuary Recording, Austin, TX and mastered by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders, Austin, TX




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