Boston-based artist LHO’s recent single “Hun” holds this level of maturity that’s unreal. It’s about running into your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend at a party who’s rude to you despite your efforts to be kind to her. And while your initial instinct is to put her in her place and remind her that she has your sloppy seconds, you remember being in the place she’s in currently. You understand the hurtful things he has putting her through because you’ve been in those shoes. 

The way this is written, in a more conversational manner, is absolutely perfect because it’s as though LHO is speaking to you. While you may not be the mean girl, the lyrics can’t be more real than they already are. We’ve all been hurt in our relationships but it’s key to remember to keep your head up and remember who you are. 

Aside from the genius lyrics, LHO has a voice that’s so smooth like silk, you can’t help but feel at ease. The instrumentation is very simple and allows LHO’s voice to shine — you crave more of her voice and don’t ever want the song to end. 

“Hun” is such an irresistible and the most humble song you’ll ever hear. There’s nothing better than listening to a song that touches on relatable matters and is made to build you up. Despite not knowing LHO personally, one can tell that she has an incredible heart and we hope to hear more inspirational songs. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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