‘There Is No Time to Die’ by Richie Madewell

Sometimes we all need music that’s reminiscent of things that we love but is also new and original. Sometimes a particular style and sound are specific to a certain kind of media, so you have to wait for that media to hear that kind of sound. For anyone partial to loving the Bond franchise, there’s tons of good music associated with it that doesn’t come out quite enough. Richie Madewell has broken through this wait with his latest track ‘There Is No Time to Die.’ And it’s not just for fans of the Bond franchise. The lyricism has a poetic aire to it that can mean a lot to the general listener

‘There Is No Time to Die’ opens perfectly with its piano notes and rolls, allowing the other instruments to be built onto that as perfect building blocks. Something about this track that makes it truly captivating is its dynamic energy. Though it has a definite rock basis, there are both heavier and softer portions. There’s also the inclusion of extra synths sounding bringing the sound of string instruments and brass within the mix. This track has a lot to work with, and it puts everything together perfectly.

This track is actually based on the musical sounds and ideas of James Bond movies, and it would honestly fit right in. It’s a song about heroism and the need to be saved. There’s no time to die when there are other lives in danger. There’s also a lot to the idea behind the lyrics that can be read in other ways. It’s not just for Bond fans. A personal reading could be seeing it as there’s no time to die because there’s so much we feel like we have to achieve in our personal lives.

Richie Madewell is an alternative South Korea-based singer/songwriter from Indiana, USA. He started his musical career as a performing artist in South Korea in 2016  and rapidly gained a following due to his stellar musicianship. ‘There Is No Time to Die’ is his first official release since his debut album ‘The Colors in My Dreams.’ He’s come a long way since his start in 2016, and he’s only going to rise up more from here.

Written by Sage Plapp




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