“Strip It Back” by Curtis Culley

“Strip It Back” by UK-based singer-songwriter Curtis Culley is an infectious tune that demands you to dance. From the husky vocals to the powerful bass, it’s easy to vibe with and adore the song to the point where you don’t want it to end. 

Culley obviously wanted to make his listeners dance, which he succeeded in. The UK artist shows his fun and creative side through “Strip It Back” and you can’t get enough.

While the track is extremely fun, the acoustic guitar gives the song an intimate feel. Ironically, Culley stated that the song is about a made-up relationship between two ex-lovers who always return to each other, so, it’s impressive how he could make the song fun yet still capture that romance.

During the chorus, the bass gets the opportunity to shine and it emerges with this sexy and soul-stirring riff. The way that the bass and the beat work together is unbelievable —they both move through the body and makes you dance. 

The song in its entirety is sexy because of the instrumentation and Culley’s deep and husky vocals, along with the memorable lyrics. 

But the cherry on top would have to be Culley’s voice because of how alluring it is. 

Overall, Culley is an incredible artist who’s just getting started. From the sounds of his latest single, he not only knows what he’s doing but he knows how to engage his listeners, which is exactly what a great artist does. 

Written by Taylor Berry





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