“Ain’t No Other Way” by Jane N’ The Jungle

If you are a fan of rock music and kick ass women, then look no further. Vocalist Jordan White, bassist Big B and guitarist Brian Dellis make up the trio that is Jane N’ The Jungle and they are back with another stellar hit “Ain’t No Other Way”. The trio from Phoenix, Arizona have shown that they are capable of making hit after hit and it’s no surprise that “Ain’t No Other Way” is already rising up in the ranks with 6,000 listens in just four days.

The hard hitting grunge track will quickly become one of your favorites, the powerful yet catchy lyrics are hard to escape. This particular song is meaningful to the trio, especially Jordan, “Ain’t No Other Way” is about an internal struggle brewing inside singer Jordan White. She says “In the song I’m trying to convince myself I’m actually worthy of having a mic & a voice. Finally by the last vocal howl, I actually start believing myself…turns out the journey to self-awareness takes about 3 minutes & 33 seconds!”

There has been a point is most of your lives when you have felt unworthy of anything, whether that be of a good job, a healthy relationship, freedom or happiness. It doesn’t matter, you know that the feeling of unworthiness is gut wrenching. “Ain’t No Other Way” is the perfect outlet, this song describes that feeling accurately, it also details how strong you are and how you will make it through.

“Ain’t No Other Way” will be the song that you add to your ‘bad bitch’ playlists or any playlist that will empower you. This track is what you will need as an outlet when the dark feelings get the best of you. Jane N’ The Jungle have been busting out hit after hit and they show no signs of slowing down.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jim Louvau




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