‘Apocalypse Now’ by PARALINE

The world can be a dark and brutal place. War has been around for as long as recorded history. The human race has a tendency toward violence, and it just seems to escalate and escalate. New weapons, new tactics, new science. It’s no wonder we’re afraid, as technologies become more and more dangerous to humankind as a whole. PARALINE does a great job at highlighting these culminated thoughts in their latest single ‘Apocalypse Now.’ It also shines a spotlight on the hope that it could be stopped or prevented.

‘Apocalypse Now’ is an astoundingly heavy rock track. It’s a whole ride from start to finish. It opens with these soft hollow-sounding notes, and then the music slowly builds up before hitting with immaculately strong energy. The guitar and drums are perfectly intertwined, and the synths wonderfully complement the live instrumentation. The vocalist works with a variety of different tones in his voice, and he utilizes vocal bends in a dynamic way. The drums are well used to control the energy in the song, building it up and delivering just the right hits. The dark drawn-out guitar notes at around 2:47 really had a chance to take the stage delivering an astounding amount of power. ‘Apocalypse Now’ is a track that really gives every single part of the instrumentation its own chance to shine through.

The name of the track itself, ‘Apocalypse Now,’ is really what the track is all about. From the artists’ own perspective, it’s about the world just two minutes before an impending nuclear apocalypse. A reflection on the destructive nature of humankind. It was written from a hopeful tone, that people can take those integral two minutes and counter the impending doom. There’s something so dystopian about it, and it takes inspiration from the real world and its possibilities. It’s dark, it’s Erie, it’s action-packed, but there is still some sort of hope no matter how much time is left.

PARALINE is a four-piece hard rock band out of Moscow that makes use of three guitars, two sets of drums, and a couple synths. They had come together long before making music but were all rounded up by the band’s songwriter Light Andersen. They cite their influences as being Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and the “state of decay of modern culture.” ‘Apocalypse Now’ is a powerful track with a powerful music video, featured below. it was all filmed at abandoned Soviet military facilities, which sets up the perfect scenes for the apocalypse-driven storyline.

Written by Sage Plapp




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