“Old You” by Maggie Dave

Maggie Dave consists of duo visual artists Sean David Christensen and Mark Christopher. According to the duo they explore vivid pop melodies with R&B rhythms, crafting lyrics sung by characters struggling with fragility and longing within granular soundscapes. “Old You” is the most recent release from Maggie Dave and it is a song that you don’t want to miss out on.

Newest release from Maggie Dave, “Old You” is the nostalgic vibe that you need. This relaxing yet emotional song is the perfect song as you enter into fall and winter seasons better known as breakup season. The new song from the duo touches on a sensitive topic such as missing the past, how things used to be. When you reminisce on who your partner used to be, and how the memory of that can become painful.

The soothing vocals combined with the powerful lyrics of “Old You” will quickly become a favorite of yours, especially if you are currently going through hard times in a relationship. This song is a hit in so many ways, when a song can make you cry and smile at the same time, you know it’s a keeper.

Maggie Dave may be pretty new to the scene, but with songs like “Old You”, it will be no surprise when they rise up in the ranks. Sean and Mark have a special way of tapping into emotions and that will take them far with their music. The new tune from the duo is on Spotify and they have an amazing video for “Old You” on YouTube, make sure to check them out as you wait for the next release.

“Old You (Video Edit)” was produced by Maggie Dave (Sean David Christensen & Mark Christopher), mixed by Eric Racy (Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj), and features vocalist & vocal arranger Tehillah Alphonso (The Lion King).

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Nicole Neri




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