Artist Interview: “Nightout” by Reno McCarthy

Q: I’m really enjoying how unique “Nightout” is! What was your creative process like
for this song?

MCCARTHY: I started with the bass groove and made a point from then-on to keep the focus on it. I was in a super minimalistic phase when working on that song (it was actually recorded at the same time as Be There, another short and sweet type deal)

Q:  Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind this song?

MCCARTHY: I wrote it during a bout of insecurity. The musical backdrop to me felt like a really sultry, seductive kind of groove, and I really didn’t feel like echoing that in the lyrics. I think that juxtaposition is what makes Nightout interesting.

Q: What is your favorite thing about “Nightout”?

MCCARTHY: The simplicity, and the fact that the chorus basically covers only the very low and high end of the spectrum without anything in between.

Q: How did you approach writing this song? Did the melody come first or the lyrics or the instrumental parts of the song?

MCCARTHY: Bass first, drums second, melody third, lyrics very last.

Q: Can you tell us more about you as an artist/musician? What are some of your biggest accomplishments or achievements? What do you hope to achieve with your upcoming release?

MCCARTHY: I’m very proud of the music video for my latest release For a Moment! It’s a fully DIY project, but on a really big scale. We rented a mustang, got a drone and shot over days with five cameras at eleven locations. I’m also proud of my EP Angels Watching Us Dance. It’s a short exploration of folk music and the theme of grief.

Q:  Can you tell us about your new album and anything else you might be working on?

MCCARTHY: My upcoming record is called Run Up River, and it’ll be out on October 29th. I made it with my long-time partner in crime and drummer Arthur-Bourdon Durocher, and a couple tracks were produced with Jesse Mac Cormack. The record touches on insecurity, frustration and comfort. Right now I’m also busy producing Montreal acts Andromède, Olivia Khoury and Heïka.

Interviewed by Katrina Yang





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