“FIASCO” by FancyNormal

Love is one of the most talked-about things in pop culture, yet they rarely capture what it looks like. On the big screen its laughs, romance, and happiness; but in real life, there’s a lot more to it. Little spats turn into arguments over silly things. Australian duo, FancyNormal show a much more accurate representation of what love looks like on their new release “FIASCO”.

The funky bass part compliments the punctuated lead vocals. Having a busy instrumental added rhythmic interest while the melody moved at its own pace. I loved the playfulness of it all. Undeniably a dance song, but doesn’t conform to the volume that the genre usually does. Instead of making the biggest loudest dance breaks, “FIASCO” would remove voices showing off what’s going on in the groove.

Not only was the song catchy and fun, but it painted a more realistic painting of what a relationship looks like. It’s easy to create a song about love, and it’s easy to create a song about hating love. But to write something that captures the frustration of miscommunication with someone you care about is no easy task. It’s apparent the love is still there, but things aren’t going the way they should and need to change for everything to work out.

Twisting and redefining what makes a dance song about love, FancyNormal has done an incredible job on “FIASCO”. Between the depth of the lyricism and the intriguing instrumental, I couldn’t get it out of my head if I tried. 


“FIASCO” can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts




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