“Scaramouche” by Mother Culture

The way “Scaramouche” by Australian-based duo Mother Culture (brothers Darcy and Spencer Ward) was produced permits their audience to marinate in the tranquility of the song and relish in the psychedelic sound that’s emitting from the layers of instruments, from choralesque vocals to the soul-stirring lead guitar.

For starters, you can tell the song is inspirational because of the low instrumental presence, allowing the lead vocals to shine and get the message out. According to the duo, the track tells a story about coming to terms with aging and the beauty of their own mortality, which is unique.

There are many negative connotations to mortality and many people think of aging as a sign that death is approaching. But, while it may take some time, these two things can be seen as beautiful and Mother Culture proved this phenomenally. The best part is the fact that they included beautiful instrumentation to go with their message, as it does enhance things a bit. 

Beginning to end, the song is enthralling with passionate vocals, soulful and chilling guitar techniques, and an incredible baseline. Mother Culture succeeds in capturing their audience’s interest and attention with their music, which can be difficult to do. 

Mother Culture is incredible with their work. From the sounds of this single, which is absolutely mind-blowing, their audience should expect nothing but flawless music from the duo. “Scaramouche” is an extremely compelling song with an amazing story that has enough power to inspire many. With that said, we hope Mother Culture continues to educate and inspire through their music.

Written by Taylor Berry

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