“Where’d U Come From?” by TX2

TX2 comes from a small town known for their music, Fort Collins. TX2 brings an intensity in his music through the powerful, raw lyrics and explosive performances. He built a loyal hometown fanbase and eventually moved to Miami, Florida, to pursue his dreams and start a hip hop program at the University of Miami. According to TX2, he aims to create a voice for those who feel like they haven’t been heard.

There has been a point in everyone’s life, including yours, when someone seems to have randomly become toxic and you start to see who they really are. That could be a family member, an ex or maybe someone you are currently dating. “Where’d U Come From?” is a song about discovering your partner’s true personality after dating them for a while. It seems as if you never really know who you’re with until you spend an extended period of time with them.

Produced by Joey Barba. Mastered by Tyler Lindgren

TX2 has made another hit with this newest single, with his relatable lyrics and a 2000s pop punk vibe it’s hard for you to not love it. “Where’d U Come From?” is the perfect song for a day at the skatepark or a sick basement party, the heavy hitting guitar mixed in with everyone yelling where’d you come from, will keep you hooked.

TX2’s latest releases “Make You Bleed” and “Pull The Plug” and “Where’d U Come From?” are off of his upcoming album “Let The Dead Speak”. “Let The Dead Speak”, is TX2’s un-released concept album. This album tells the story of a troubled high schooler, who after a traumatizing accident, takes a journey to the grave and back. During this journey he realizes that confidence comes from within.

If you haven’t listened to TX2 yet then you need to get a move on, he has all releases on Spotify and crazy videos that go along with his songs on YouTube. Once you see the videos or hear his songs, he will quickly become a favorite of yours and be added to any playlist, so make sure to click the links below to see what TX2 is up to.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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