“OPEN LETTER” by Gigantic Hand

Gigantic Hand is an indie band with a sense of persistence. The band has been around for over a decade, with Rory O’Connor (Tycho) on the drums and synth, while Kris Kaczor sings and plays the guitar. Award-winning and Grammy nominated engineer Anthony “Rocky” Gallo in Brooklyn, NY recorded and produced their latest track “Open Letter”, which is the first single of their upcoming full-length album that is set to release in November. 

Their most recent track “Open Letter”, is the group’s first single in 12 years. It is a hard-hitting rock song with lyrics questioning if we, as humanity, are happy with who we have become as a human race. The lyrics are important, the music is extremely catchy and dreamy; Gigantic Hand is a band to be on the lookout for!

Starting off with an ultra-electrifying guitar, drums, and addicting melody, Gigantic Hand’s “Open Letter” sounds like an opening of a cinematic  film. The track is synth heavy, with a distorted instrumental. Kris Kaczor’s voice comes in, reminiscent of new-wave singers like Bowie and Robert Smith, but with a truly unique spin on it, making it their own. Kaczor’s voice has a sense of urgency in it, begging listeners to question the world around them. 

Fans of punk and new-wave bands such as Pixies, The Cure, and Ramones will love “Open Letter”, as it fills that nostalgic feeling that these bands radiate. The song felt like it belongs in Jonah Hill’s Mid90s, at every skatepark, or on a long, windy drive to the beach. For fans of iconic instrumentals and songs that focus on lyrics that touch on relevant topics relating to our current society, “Open Letter” is for you.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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