‘Best Friend’ by Linda

Life is extremely stressful for a lot of people right now, and we all need something warm and happy here and there. If you’re looking for that, you can make ‘Best Friend’ by Linda your next pick-me-up song. It’s so nice and happy and is completely centered around love for dogs. It’s the perfect pairing with a nice warm cup of coffee. ‘Best Friend’ is such a nice homage to our fluffy pals, and it’s paired with beautiful instrumentation and vocals.

‘Best Friend’ by Linda is such a pretty and cute song. There’s such a nice chill grove in the synths and funky-sounding bass. It overall just has such a happy and lovely vibe. The guitar solo has such a nice slap to it and makes great use of vibrato and bending notes. On that note, Linda also makes great use of the way she creates music with her voice. There’s a vague sultry rasp underneath her vocal tone, and she works with her vocals in an extremely dynamic way. The impeccable vibe in the track carries forward into the music video. The bright colors in the background really pop, and it’s filled with loads of adorable puppies. Linda’s makeup in the video is absolutely gorgeous too, seriously, what lip color is that?

Lyrically, ‘Best Friend,’ is a lighthearted track that I think we all need during the overt stress of living in the world today. It’s all about dogs, and subsequently, all fluffy pals that impact our lives in such an important way. It’s an extremely heartwarming sound overall, and it’s really relatable for any dog owner who adores their fluffy children as a part of their family. There are some comedic undertones that really add to the track. A lyric that does a great job showing this is, “Please don’t kill my shoes, Did they make you mad?’ It’s something that many dog and cat owners have gone through. Why do they seem to hate shoes so much? Do they see some sort of hidden evil within?

Linda has two main passions in life, flying planes and making music. After an 8 year hiatus, she’s at it again with a project combining both of these passions. She was able to take time during quarantine to finish this album, and now she’s fully ready to jump back into the world of music. She cites some of her musical influences being Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles, and Lady Gaga, and she’s recently played her very first acoustic concert. Linda was able to partner with the Westie Rescue Association while creating ‘Best Friend,’ and every puppy shown in her video has found their furever homes. Linda has always had a knack for comforting animals with her music, and she hopes to use ‘Best Friend’ as a way to help comfort and relax stressed dogs.

Written by Sage Plapp




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