“Silver” by Pedro Samp

Pedro Samp is a multi-talented artist. Coming from an English family, Pedro was born abroad in Rio de Janeiro. Samp began his career writing movie soundtracks, even having his single “Sand Song” on “The Anti-Pros” official film soundtrack. He is exceptionally gifted, responsible for all the instruments and vocals on his songs, as well as writing all of his music. His music is truly unique, flawlessly melding elements of pop, electronic music, R&B, and pop into velvety-smooth music. His latest song, “Silver” is an easy-going track, with Samp’s smooth as butter voice, each lyric ending with his breath-like vocals.


Knowing the context of Samp’s past with film soundtracks makes sense why “Silver” feels like it belongs in a movie. The way that the instruments have a slow build, starting in the background, and then gradually getting louder, simultaneously with Samp’s voice. As the song continues, the instruments tell a story, with their melancholic guitars and drums, along with Samp’s longing lyrics for his mysterious lover. 

The track begins with a calming, silky instrumental, with its high-pitched guitars and its slow beat. Samp’s dreamy voice then comes in, with lyrics discussing someone who has a challenging time communicating their feelings with their partner while in a relationship. 

Unable to express oneself can be detrimental to both people in a relationship. The song appears to be a break-up song, with lyrics such as “I gotta let go” and “My heart is in the cage tonight,” showcase a feeling of realizing how the relationship may be coming to an end. The song ends beautifully, with subtle guitars and Pedro Samp’s voice getting more and more quiet, seemingly highlighting the end of both the track and the relationship.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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