“Spit//Swallow” by RAT BATH

Milwaukee, WI band RAT BATH has described themselves as being a spooky country core band with a demonic twist on hardcore that incorporates country riffs and influences while telling horrifying tales. RAT BATH consists of vocalist Fred Kenyon (they/them), guitarists Cora Bequeaith (she/her) and Róisín Shields (she/they), drummer Emmett Roehr (he/him), and bassist Phoenix Lehner (he/they).

“Spit//Swallow” is the first single off an upcoming concept album “Rat From Hell” which depicts the story of a witch whose powers are rendered useless and is forced to physically fight off a demon that was paid to capture them. “Spit//Swallow” is the first sneak peak we get of the album, according to the group, this track brings to life the moment in the story when the witch claws their way through a timeless prison and fends off “guardians” holding them captive by quite literally biting them and draining their blood. 

“Spit//Swallow” is a BANGER, the song is unique yet familiar. RAT BATH does an amazing job at making you question everything but in the best way possible, the fast, heavy track makes you feel like you are stuck in a house of horrors. With Halloween just around the corner, “Spit//Swallow” is the song you will need to get your spooky night going.

The more you listen to their music, the more you get excited about the upcoming album. The talented group of five will quickly become a favorite across the world, their unique style is what sets them apart from many bands. They are far from predictable and are great at keeping your interest. “Spit//Swallow” will be on repeat as you wait for more singles to come.

“Rat From Hell” release date: February 18, 2022

“All queer, all the time” -RAT BATH

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: LaLux Photography





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