“Orange Juice” by Great Wave

Great Wave’s latest track “Orange Juice” is a peaceful, experimental song, with elements of shoegaze, dream pop, and indie rock. The song begins: a tranquil soundscape consisting of subtle drums, soothing guitars and piano. Singer Charles’ dreamy voice comes in, to form a beautiful and unique song that you won’t forget. 

The way that the hard-hitting drums intertwine with the serene overall feeling of “Orange Juice” melds together perfectly. Charles’ voice effortlessly switches from alto to soprano-toned notes, all with a unreal, calming instrumental. 


The guitars and the undertone bass gives the song a illusive tone. Great Wave’s use of instruments truly make the song feel like you’re entering a dream, especially towards the end, when Charles’ humming voice gets more and more distant, feeling as though the dream is escaping the listener. In a way, it has that same restful yet cloudless, euphoric feeling one gets when they’re about to wake up.


Great Wave consists of five talented musicians: Charles on the guitar and vocals, Chelsea on the piano, Andrew and Gerry on the drums & bass, and Mark on guitar. Great Wave is known for their heighnigtning, hazy soundscapes and important lyrics.  The track “Orange Juice” is Great Wave’s idea of “holding on” and keep on pursuing and working through their demons, because in the end, it does get better. “Orange Juice” not only is a melodic, catchy song, but it has a very important message for those who feel down, which happens to all of us.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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