“Cannibal” by Truckerbomb

Just in time for all the Spooky Season festivities, “Cannibal” is a wild ride of a tale put to song from Truckerbomb, an audience favorite from out in Los Angeles. Now, having lived in the LA area for 16 years, I had to wonder – is this a true story because that city can deliver when it comes to the most eccentric neighbors in the world. 

From actors willing to do anything to make it to those who think they can predict the future to those who just want to talk your ear off about crazy theories…When you live in LA, your neighbors come with variety, that’s for sure. However, having someone comparable to Hannibal Lecter? While more than likely this is just a colorful work of fiction Truckerbomb came up with, it does entertain thanks to the jaw-dropping storytelling set to a healthy dose of country-infused rock and roll that delivers this unexpected story of dinner next door. 

Truckerbomb dropped their debut, “Irregardlessly,” back in 2020 and have followed that up with four singles this year, including the wild ride that is “Cannibal.” A song that would be perfect not only for your Halloween festivities, but all year round as it’s just a unique delight with the heart of Americana laced throughout the way the song is delivered as a tale, but in a more twisted and admittingly, thrilling sort of way. 

For those that like their music a bit on the wild side, check out “Cannibal” from Truckerbombs, out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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