“Shine” by One and a Half Dog (OAAHD)

Based out of Trondheim, Norway is hard hitting, five piece alternative band One And A Half Dog also known as OAAHD. The guys of OOAHD are proud of the fact that they are ” well grown up guys”, they are aged between 44 and 56 and that does not stop them from rocking the f*** out. The guys of OOAHD are vocalist Dag Aure, guitarists Morten Jensen and Lars Nielsen, drummer Inge Lerstad and bassist Pål Akseth.

They were formed in 2017 as a pure hobby-project with the goal of writing and recording enough good songs for a vinyl LP for the members of the band to enjoy when retired. They originally had no plans for gigging or promoting their music, the whole band-project was purely meant for their own satisfaction.

Here they are four years later with several hundred thousand listens on Spotify. It’s no wonder that they have become a favorite to a mass of people, their newest single “Shine” has post punk/alternative/hard rock vibes and mesmerizing vocals will quickly draw you in. The band does amazing job at making a new song feel classic and refreshing, they are a breath a fresh air.

“Shine” is going to be quickly added to any and all rock/punk playlists you have, this single will have you bringing several different emotions. The somber tone does an excellent job at not making you feel sad, once you go to Spotify and listen to “One and a Half Dog you will instantly be hooked. Be sure to listen to “Shine”, they could be your next favorite band.

“Prepare to get bitten!!” – One And A Half Dog

Written by Jaye Maverick





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