“Rattle My Bones” by Michael Wilford feat. Sail Cassady

Photo Credit: Hailey Krakana

What is art but a reaction to the world around us? We saw the beauty of the Renaissance rise from the depth of darkness left by the Black Plague, the wonders of the Roaring ’20s that followed the flu of 1918, and now we’re starting to see how COVID has moved artists around the world to create. Many songs have been inspired by every facet of the aforementioned nightmare felt around the globe since March 2020, and “Rattle My Bones” from Michael Wilford featuring Sail Cassidy is the latest, and possibly the most perfect for your fall playlists. 

At first, “Rattle My Bones” could be viewed as a song easily meant to fill a void in your Spooky Season playlists with the idea of ghosts and bones shining center stage, and making this chorus one that’ll be playing on a loop in the minds of all who listen. However, upon further review and diving deeper into it, Michael Wilford wasn’t speaking about the ghosts and goblins of Halloween, but the fears and anxieties he personified as the spirits that haunted him last winter as he sat with only his loneliness. With that, who wouldn’t be able to relate 100% to this as 99.9% of us were in the same, sad boat more than a few times since last March? 

So whether you hear this and want it merely for your costume party playlist, or you want to connect on a deeper level with a song that perfectly paints the emotions that came with the solitude of the pandemic, this song works on a variety of levels. With that, you can check out “Rattle My Bones” by Michael Wilford featuring Sail Cassidy as it’s out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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